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Zetta Kanta

Award-winning fibre artist, Zetta Kanta, works from her home studio in Mount Gambier creating impressionist-style, modern wall-hangings and tapestries that resemble paintings. Her approach to this ancient material - wool - is refreshing and innovative. Rawness and honesty underline the beauty of this slow-to execute art form, and it can take up to three months to create one piece. 


The philosophy of wabi-sabi (侘寂) is strongly present in Zetta’s work, as well as Japandi movement. A mix of Scandinavian and Japanese Zen has also influenced Zetta's work and allows for imperfections to be celebrated. Zetta comments that whenever she works with wool and other natural fibres she must abandon the tendency to control and instead observe the world in a whole new way, accepting its imperfections and making peace with the flow.


The essence of Zetta’s work is to recognise the gifts of simple, natural living, and to treasure what we already have. Her pieces of art bring a sense of calm, presence and beauty to the viewer, and character and story to your space.


Zetta states: “I would like to think I make stories and feelings rather than art; it has to evoke feeling to be successful.”

Summer Birds


Australian Merino brown wool

& Golden Silk.


179 x 85 cm​


Zetta Kanta Summer Birds
Zetta Kanta Tea Trees Talking

Tea Trees Talking


Australian Wool Weaving 


197 x 56 cm​


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