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Sally O'Connor

Sally was born in Adelaide and grew up on a farm in Meningie. She studied science and has worked as a teacher and in aviation maintenance. Since retiring, Sally has actively pursued art by attending workshops in a range of art genre, involving drawing, oil painting, watercolours and printmaking, including Japanese woodblock.


Inspiration from nature and studies in botany have fuelled Sally’s imagination. Sally’s work is contemporary, mostly semi-abstract, incorporating simple line drawings in the development of themes and design. Her work interprets the timelessness of the Australian landscape and its flora and fauna which are all brought to life with harmonious colours, deliberate graphic shapes and expert compositions, increasing the visibility

and awareness of the natural world. 


Sally is a storyteller taking the art viewer on a visual journey.

Wallabies of the blue lake.jpg

Wallabies Blue of theLake

Woodblock Print and Watercolour



91 x 71cm



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