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Reidy Park OSHC

Artwork Title: 

‘Futuristic Children: A robot called Beepsy Boopsy’


Wood, Glue, Metal

Artist Statement:

In our pursuit of artistic innovation, we embarked on a journey to depict a glimpse of the future, envisioning a world where the past and the future coalesce seamlessly, completing the circle of existence.


Emmerson shared her insightful perspective: 'Instead of spending money on buying new stuff, it is good to reuse some things you already have.' Our robot stands as a testament to the beauty and potential that lie within discarded materials, a striking reminder that repurposing brings forth not only artistry but also sustainability.


Hunter's reflection delves into the emotional resonance of our creation: 'By using items that are old and that were used on something else is a good way for someone to remember a memory they might have of that old item and what it was used for in the past.' Our work beckons observers to journey back in time, evoking nostalgia and personal connections, reinforcing the deep-rooted bond between history and innovation.


Millicent's wisdom eloquently captures the transformative essence of our piece: 'Because we took someone else's scraps and turned it into something different that may be then turned into something else later.' Our robot embodies the cyclical nature of existence, an embodiment of the 'full circle' theme that unites us all.


As our robot stands proudly before you, it carries within its very form a message of unity, sustainability, and the endless possibilities that arise when creativity converges with purpose. We invite you to explore not only the physical elements of our creation but also the profound ideas and sentiments that converge to shape this exceptional piece, an embodiment of our collective vision for a future that completes the circle of time."



Step into the captivating world of a child’s imagination and creativity, where the young minds of our out of school care service at Reidy Park School have embarked on an inspiring journey of artistic expression. From the very beginning of term 2, their faces beamed with anticipation as they were introduced to this thrilling project. With boundless enthusiasm, they set out to explore the theme of Full Circle, sparking their imagination to envision remarkable creations using a diverse range of recyclable materials.


Over the course of 10 weeks, the children passionately delved into three transformative phases: planning, designing, and constructing. Each step of this artistic odyssey allowed them to hone their artistic skills, resulting in truly breathtaking masterpieces.


Our OSHC service, catering to children aged 4 to 12, witnessed an incredible display of excitement across all age groups. The exhibition art piece became a harmonious celebration of collaborative efforts, where the young artists found joy in participating and supporting one another.


Beyond the joy of creation, this artistic endeavour also served as a valuable educational platform, instilling in the children the profound understanding that their efforts and achievements are something to be proud of, irrespective of the final outcome. With hearts filled with pride, they presented their magnificent creations to their families and in turn Mount Gambier, the final piece a testament to their creativity and dedication.

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