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Timber Bowl - Rustic Avani - Set 3 - 20cmx25cmx30cm

The perfect addition to a natural vibe, an element that never goes out of style!

These rustic beauties have a naturally rough authentic feel to them as though they are straight out of the forest. These products are not for the fussy customer.


- Timber Bowl

- Perfect for emptying pockets and keeping essentials handy!

- Easy gift idea

- Mix n Match across our timber decor range

- Decorative display piece, please ensure dish does not come in contact with water

- Set of 3 measures Dish 1: (Dia) 20cm, Dish 2: (Dia) 25cm, Dish 3: (Dia) 30cm


NOTE: This is a handcrafted item made from natural materials, and as such each item will have its own unique shape, colour and natural grain. In addition, due to the nature of timber products, some items may have a timber filler. This adds to the unique nature of each product and is not considered as an imperfection.

Rustic Avani Bowls

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