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Introducing our newest product, a stylish and versatile women's crossbody bag made of high-quality cork material. This bag is not only eco-friendly but also durable, water-resistant, and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use. One of the key features of this bag is the decorative button on the front, which adds a touch of elegance and charm to the overall design. The bag comes in eight different patterns to choose from, so you can easily find the one that suits your personal style. Another great feature of this bag is the adjustable shoulder strap, which allows you to wear it comfortably in a variety of ways. The bag also includes both interior and back zippered pockets to keep your essentials safe and organized. The bag measures 19 cm x 25 cm x 7 cm, which is approximately 7.5 inches x 10 inches x 2.8 inches. This size is perfect for carrying all of your essentials without being too bulky or cumbersome. In summary, our women's crossbody bag made of cork material is a must

Natural Cork Square Messenger Bag

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