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MM10 Gesso is a great permanent flexible primer for canvas, board or even paper. An intense white ground with an excellent tooth for easy paint manipulation. Matisse Gesso is a water-based product and can be thinned down with water. Use equal parts of water to Matisse Gesso when working on raw canvas/linen. If working on canvas, Matisse Gesso will tighten the canvas, making a firmer ground to paint on.



MM10 Gesso is suitable for creating a surface for both acrylic and oil paints. When priming for acrylic paints, two coats of gesso are recommended to ensure complete coverage. For oil paints, it is advisable to seal the surface first with MM5 Matt Medium or MM12 Clear Sealer, and then apply a minimum of 3 coats of gesso. As the oil in oil paints is readily absorbed by the gesso, a stronger sealed layer is needed to ensure the paint does not absorb through the gesso and onto the actual canvas. Matisse Gessoes contain Calcite grounds (calcium carbonate) which help to protect canvas from destructive gases given off by oil paints over their life-span.



It is recommended that MM10 Gesso be applied with a spatula or blade on canvas. If applying with a brush mix with equal parts water, especially for the first coats when being applied to raw canvas/linen (alternatively use MM27 Low Viscosity Gesso). The application method can also affect the tooth. For a rough textured tooth, apply with a coarse bristled brush. For a smoother finish, apply with a soft bristled flat brush and sand the dried surface lightly with fine grade moist wet/dry sandpaper after each application. The moisture will minimise the amount of dust created when sanding. Coats take between 1-3 hours to dry, depending upon weather conditions.

Matisse Gesso Medium 250ml

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