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Gel Medium | Gloss Finish

Gel Medium is Matisse Medium MM4 and has come about because of Modern paint technology, facilitating the production of a true Gel Medium. The purpose of the MM4 Gel Medium is to act as a clear transparent colour extender in producing brilliant coloured glazes and as a transparent impasto for thick 3-dimensional brush and knife applications of Matisse Structure. Its prime requirement is to be thick and buttery whilst remaining fully transparent. MM4 Gel Medium is perhaps the most versatile medium in the Matisse range because of its multiple effects, particularly when intermixed with other mediums. 


What is Gel Medium?

Add brilliance and transparency to your acrylic paintings with the Gel Medium by Matisse. This colourless medium extends the colour of your paints while also providing a thick, impasto finish. Matisse Gloss Gel medium acts as the primary intermixing medium in acrylic painting when its rich buttery consistency is required for impasto work, 3-dimensional extrapolations, multi-layer work and heavy, smooth or textural glazes.


Does Gloss Medium Dry Clear?

MM4 Gel Medium dries to a glossy finish. Matisse artist's acrylic colours are designed to dry with a subdued low sheen. Liberal additions of MM4 Gel Medium to Matisse paint will tend to increase the gloss level of the finished work. Artists who find this undesirable can intermix Gel Medium with Matt Medium, producing a non-glossy gel medium.

When dry, it maintains the structure, brushstrokes and textural effects of undiluted Matisse Structure colours. Its inherent firm, buttery consistency makes it ideal for application by a palette knife to achieve heavily textured transparent grounds.

Reduced with water and MM8 Spreader Medium, it adapts for thick but smooth flowing glazes.

MM4 Gel Medium, because of its viscous non-spreading consistency, enables the artist to apply thick and heavily defined brushstrokes.

It is well known that acrylic paint's "surface" dry very rapidly, but heavily imposed brushstrokes of paint take much longer to dry than thinly applied coats. The fact that the surface of the paint film dries rapidly causes moisture entrapment in the film underneath. This effect need not be detrimental to the painting as acrylic mediums are porous and allow for the gradual release of moisture during air drying. Nor does the artist experience any significant problem of cracking or wrinkling because Matisse is a highly concentrated paint, and once the available moisture has evaporated, the paint remains a strong, solid, pliable and non-cracking film.


How to Use Gel Medium

Avoid force-drying: The application of intense heat to prematurely dry paintings constructed with heavily imposed layers of colours is not recommended - the surface layers of paint can seal off, permanently trapping moisture underneath. Subsequently, the painting could crack and the canvas shrink or distort.

Gel Medium on Glass 

Glass: MM4 Gel Medium can be applied directly to glass either by itself or with Matisse Colours added.

Frosted glass finish: If a finish such as frosted glass is required, apply MM4 Gel Medium directly onto the glass.

Clean the window first with a good window cleaner or methylated spirits, then apply the MM4 Gel Medium with a brush or sponge; the pattern formed will be dictated by how the MM4 Gel Medium is applied. Apply the MM4 Gel Medium in coats no thicker than 2mm and do not force dry.

Leave approx. 6 hours between coats.

The resultant finish will dry clear and allow light through but will still obscure the view and is suitable for bathroom windows etc.*

*(If applying to a bathroom window, apply to the inside of the window as the texture of the finish will tend to attract dirt if applied outside. If applying to a shower screen, apply to the outside of the shower screen as constant exposure to water may cause lifting. Clean with most household cleaners. Do not use window cleaner or ammonia-based cleaning products).

Matisse Gel Medium 250ml MM4

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