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Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm 

Chain Stitch is a traditional Kashmiri handicraft and important to the local economy. This work is produced in remote villages and provides an important supplimentary income between harvests. Wool is dyed in situ and groups of people gather in family homes with friends to do the work. Finished works are washed in nearby streams. The stitching is done by hand using an "aari' a sharp hooked tool similar to a crochet hook.

Has traditional Kasmiri Button Closure on the canvas reverse side


Artist: ECO Design



Blue Wren (Malurus cyanochlamys) is common across south eastern Australia. Living in thick bush to moderately scattered scrub land, eating insects and seeds, this beautiful little bird has adapted to some urban environments. Being both monogamous and promiscuous, this beautiful and interesting bird continues to grace the Australian environment.

Hand Stitched Wool Blue Wren Cushion Cover

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