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Small hand crafted clay baby sitting in handwoven coolamon with handcrafted clay and felt gumnuts and leaves accenting the little coolamon. 


"Nestled within a handwoven coolamon, a small clay baby symbolizes the painful legacy of the Stolen Generation in Australia. It serves as a poignant reminder of the historical injustices suffered by Aboriginal children forcibly separated from their families, encapsulating their innocence and vulnerability. Yet, this symbolic creation also carries a message of hope, reconciliation, and healing, inspiring us to work together, , towards a future where the wounds of the past are acknowledged, cultural heritage is cherished, and the stolen generation can finally come home, both in symbolism and in reality."


Artist: Tabitha Williams



Coolamon : 10cm in length, 6cm wide

Baby: 5.5cm in length


(As each set is handcrafted there will be slight variation in colour, style and size)

...and they all came home

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