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Artwork Title:

Sardinesville 1: Other People’s Thoughts



Paper covered Board, recycled tin cans, found objects: cardboard, wire, magazine images, onion bag mesh, beach items, wood block, recycled envelope and book text

Artwork Title:




Canvas, joint compound, crushed egg shells water soluble crayons, acrylic paint and glitter glue

Artist Statement:

In my mixed media artistic exploration, found and recycled materials play an important role. They are cheap, often extremely well made, easily accessible, artistically flexible and provide a way of reducing the amount of rubbish created by my household. It is now second nature to me to “shop the stash” of recycled and found materials I collect and store in my shed when working. I feel free to explore such easily accessed material, and this enables my creativity to flow. 


My works for this exhibition arose from pure exploration and play. The nature of the recycled materials which are at the core of each project...eggshells for “Aeons” and tin cans for “Sardinesville 1: Other People’s Thoughts”... then suggested the concepts of the art works which I continued to play with and explore, until final works were created. 


“Aeons” imagines crushed egg shells as rocky scapes, connecting the earth elements found as basic building blocks of the landscapes around us to the basic elements in egg shells....Full Circle. 


“Sardinesville 1: Other People’s Thoughts” refills the empty sardine can with new and different references to the sardines which originally filled them....Full Circle. 



As a teacher and parent, Liz Ferguson incorporated art activities into her students’ and own children’s lives, believing them to be supremely important in children’s development. She began her own regular art practice late in life, as a means of recovering her mental health, and continued exploring mixed media particularly as a key platform for her wellbeing in retirement.  She describes herself variously as a paint flinger, or a creative, depending on the mood of the day.  

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