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BunchBun of Beauty

Intrinsical Blooms

Materials: Calendars, buttons, sticks, limestone

Art Description:

Flowers are made from Intrinsic Calendars because they're too gorgeous for landfill.

Buttons are all preloved from various sources

Sticks collected from the fallen branches of local trees while spending time in nature, which is important for our health and wellness

Limestone remnant is from other projects and was the perfect weight and colour to hold the flowers and complement the artworks.

Decorated box with an inspiring quote from the packaging of an Intrinsic gift complements the flowers and sums up why I created this entire piece. It's as much about the benefits of working with colour, nourishing the joy in the process of creating something beautiful as the gift of an everlasting bloom of beauty for others to enjoy!



Kathleen is passionate about Self Care and Embodiment, regularly seeking creative ways to nurture and nourish her heart, body and soul in artistic ways. Recycling and repurposing items and materials full of colour has also become a creative extension, where she is able to fuse these passions and create unique pieces of art to bring Joy to others. These paper flowers, created from old calendars, that inspired her throughout previous calendar years, are one of her favourites!

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