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Pinecones, Pine needles, drift wood

Art Description:

This sculpture developed when my brother sent me some driftwood, he picked up on a beach in Broome, WA that had been in the sea for some time. I loved how shipworms had burrowed into it using it as food and a home to make an ordinary piece of wood look amazing. I decided to use pine needles and rosette shaped pinecones for a more appealing look to make a unique centre piece for a table or just as a piece of art. Mother nature has amazing cast offs to inspire and create art work.


Materials: Pine Needles, Tree Branch

Art Description:

I have used pine needles and a tree branch for this sculpture - materials that we would normally not even notice. The needles are found at the bottom of a pine tree drying and rotting becoming food for the next generation of pine trees.


The branch was once part of a tree that had broken off and lay on the ground to also rot and become food for a new tree or kindling for our fires to keep us warm. Now they have been transformed into a piece of art work to hopefully inspire others to recycle and think of ways mother nature’s gifts are our treasures.




Fishing Line

Art Description:

This mat and basket started life as rope for fishing line attached to crayfish pots and has been in the ocean for some time. It has been discarded to put into landfill and I have rescued it and created two useful items - a door mat and a basket that is weatherproof. Not only does mother nature provide interesting items for art, we humans also provide discarded and used items and turn them into interest art and useful items from their original forms. As the saying goes: "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure"



Growing up in the South-East with four siblings in a moderate to poor family, utilizing what we could for entertainment, creating our own play toys from what we could find, listening and learning from others was of great benefit. Working as an hourly paid art instructor and SSO at the Robe Primary School gave me an opportunity to research and plan art lessons for reception to year 7 for 14 years. My confidence grew as I came to understand what inspired me as I got interested in art and crafts. I am now retired and living in Mt Gambier with my husband, Richard and our very spoilt dog, Izzy.


My ability to self-teach and learn new techniques has opened up new creative techniques, As we live in a pine industry town, using pine needles in my craft became my interest. I undertook some research and found a way to utilize pine needles, specifically the long 30cm pine needles. I took the initiative a join the South-East Art Society and have had opportunities to display my works in a few exhibitions and have been successful getting my artwork shown in the public domain, selling my work and even winning on a couple of occasions. I also carve gourds, turning a few into decorative lamps, incorporating pine needles with the home-grown gourds and driftwood that has been picked up on many beaches. I love working with Mother Nature and her dried cast offs. It gives me a sense of self-satisfaction to be able to turn these wonderful, dry, earthy leftovers into something creative and useful.


I also like to recycle used fishing rope making rope mats, baskets and sculptures. It seems I may have been destined for this, as I was a fisherman’s daughter and cleaning up beaches and rubbish tips to help save the environment makes me happy.

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