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Materials: Recycled fabric, recycled lace, recycled braid, recycled newspaper, leather scraps, plastic eyes, beads, threads, wire,  recycled drink bottles and caps

Art Description:

The deposit system for plastic and aluminium drink containers has been a recycling success story in South Australia. Given a financial reward, we participate well in this recycling process. 

Fetch, the helpful terrier must have been the best of his litter. He recycles our plastic trash without any thought of monetary reward – just a desire to make our environment a better place.


Materials: Air-dry clay, wire, recycled plastic mesh fruit bags, recycled fabric, recycled shoe-box, recycled paper, recycled corrugated cardboard, recycled bubble-wrap, recycled plastic bags, discarded plastic fragments, seashells, plastic eyes & eyelashes, acrylic paint, timber, adhesive.

Art Description:

On first accepting the challenge of exhibiting in the Full Circle exhibition, Jennie started collecting all the small plastic fragments shed from her household – the kind of detritus that is too small to recycle and therefore goes into landfill or litters our streets and oceans. This 2-month collection of small throw-aways, added to a collection of plastic mesh bags and a shoebox, initiated the design and details for “Bad Hair Day”. Mermaids, like all sea creatures, deserve an environment free from the heedless use and discard of plastics by human beings.



Jennie grew up in Adelaide in an artistic family environment and was educated at the Elder Conservatorium and then at the SA School of Art. There, in the 1980’s, she majored in painting and sculpture and learned mural painting techniques with Adelaide printmaker Ann Newmarch.


In 1986, Jennie moved to Penola with her family. There Jennie developed a keen interest in textiles and completed a Certificate Course with the SA Embroiderers’ Guild, majoring in Pieced and Layered Fabrics and Surface Stitchery. She also became an active, long-time member of Threadmill, a regional exhibiting textile collective. 


Since moving to Mount Gambier in 1997, Jennie’s art practice has included embroidery, hand-dyeing, collage, pictorial and sculptural textile works, quilting, life-drawing and acrylic painting. Her mural design on the City Band Hall was completed in Oct. 2020, with fellow artist Elizabeth Ferguson and friends. She participated in the Self- Portrait Project in 2021 with April Hague and Jane Van Eten and seven other painters and in 2022, participated in the Swallow Drive Stobie Pole Project organised by Artscape Creatives. Jennie is a member of the S.E. Art Society.

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