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Materials: Ceramic & Acrylic Paint

This vase was being unused and not wanted anymore and was to be discarded. As soon as I saw it, I rescued it because I knew it could have a second life. Given its beautiful shape, I knew it deserved to shed its brown exterior for bright, intense colours allowing its shape to be celebrated allowing it to completely come to life in its new chapter of existence.



Growing up in rural New South Wales filled Jane with a love of the colours and textures that those surroundings bring. Her work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world: the drama of the landscape and the kaleidoscope of the changing seasons.


Watercolours first captured her imagination, as she revelled in the flow and subtlety of the medium. Jane pushed the medium to the extreme which resulted in uncharacteristic bold and striking colours. Early themes included representations of flora, though she shied away from realism, opting for a more expressionist approach. This expressionism has continued, though her use of media has grown to include tissue, string, wire and moulding paste, accompanying acrylics and gouache paints. 


Jane’s work is richly saturated with colours, textures and patterns to transport the viewer to other worlds. In an intuitive, multi layered process, Jane’s creations create a dialogue between art tradition and innovation, where new ideas evolve spontaneously to create a complex representation that is both striking and curious.

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