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Chris Hollingsworth


Materials: New Guinea Bean Pod, Acrylic Paint, Beads, shells


A New Guinea Bean Pod was used as the base for this piece. It was given to me by a relative for the purpose of growing the edible pods. The pod was already dried and well past the edible stage and I found it to be a piece of art in itself and wanted to make something using it. I decided to use some of a collection of beautiful shells I have, the majority of which I had collected on a trip down the West Coast of Australia over 15 years ago.


I cut open the end of the pod, removed the seeds and then resealed with glue. I painted a base coat on the pod using acrylic paint. I painted a number of the seashells and designed the sea horses using painted shells as well unpainted shells and glued them onto the pod. Using acrylic paint, I painted the coral designs on the pod.  I completed the design by adding some fish made using small shells and added other shells to complete the tropical looking piece.  As the piece looks best hanging, I added some recycled beading wrapped around the stem of the pod to use as a hanger.


Unfortunately, we are continually losing the beauty of our coral reefs by global warming and other environmental factors and this is a reminder of that.



I started painting mid 2019 and found a real passion for it and I particularly like painting with acrylics. I love our Australian bird life and mainly paint Australian birds in a realism style. I originally painted using a photo as a reference however as I am gaining confidence in my work, I have started adventuring into creating my own scenes. I like to challenge myself with each piece and continue to experiment with more challenging ideas in order, to grow as an artist. This being the case I have ventured into portraits as well as other areas entered competitions like the ‘John Shaw Neilson Art Competition’ and the ‘Karatta Arts Southern Ocean Art Prize’. In 2023, I exhibited 28 pieces as part of an exhibition ‘Nature through the artists eyes’ at the Millicent Public Library. I have always been involved in some sort of creative outlet and painting now is a major focus of mine.

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