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Bianca Fila

Artwork Title: 

Sapphire Beauty


Magazines, Acrylic Paint, Gold and Copper Leaf

Artist Statement:

I had several old magazines which were no longer of any use and were going to be discarded. They were full of bright images and patterns and I knew that they could be given a second life and be made into something for others to enjoy. After trialling a few different shape cutouts and designs I settled on the idea of a peacock painting, with its feathers created from magazine pages. For the background of this creation I also used gold and copper leaf which was left over from a previous project of mine. To complete this piece, I sealed it with a resin finish to help accentuate its colours and dimension.



My name is Bianca Fila and I create resin and acrylic artwork largely inspired by nature and landscapes. I was born in the United States and I'm currently living on a farm near Mount Gambier. I work with a variety of different mediums, including acrylic paint, resin and natural elements, and I love to experiment with new styles and techniques. I also have a passion for photography which was sparked by my love for travelling and exploring new and unique places. I love creating artwork which brightens up or adds a unique touch to a personal or work space.


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